• Integrating Mind and Body: The Role of Spirituality in Health and Wellness. A Kirbas Institute Dinner Program featuring Drs. Mark Mellow and Murali Krishna.
  • Built on a bridge between faith and science, this study explores many current, and often controversial, issues of animal rights. Issues addressed from a faith perspective include animal research, factory farming, species extinction, puppy mills, and much more. A discussion guide with additional video resources is included. Endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, this study is an exciting and important expedition for any group.
  • Throughout history, there has been an argument over the idea of the existence of the human soul. This debate separated the ancient Hebrews from the Ancient Greeks, and both had a head-on crash when we get to the New Testament era. This led to a conflicting idea of the human soul from the New Testament writers, and a division of beliefs in current Christian theology.
  • This concise book lays out the principle thesis of the total curriculum Sacred Place, Sacred Role. It serves as a helpful resource for teachers, or as a great companion piece for all students.