Our Three Step Approach

Since our founding in 2009, the Kirbas Institute has been slowly yet steadily growing into the full vision of our mission and purpose. We exist to build necessary bridges between our scientific culture and our faith traditions through promoting dialogue at both the professional and lay levels. We accomplish our work through a 3 step approach:

paul crowdStep 1

We host international conferences that focus on the big questions that connect science with faith and spirituality. We invite leading thinkers in science, theology, and other disciplines to participate. In our multi-day conferences, we build community among our participants, and we hold meaningful conversations around our themes.

Recording pictureStep 2

We capture our conferences through various media, including the written contributions of our participants, as well as video recordings. Our video taping is done at the highest professional level, conducted by professional filmmakers. Our filming includes the actual conference sessions, as well as individual interviews with our participants.

SacredPlaceStep 3

We develop two lines of educational products from the materials of our conferences. One line of products is of academic nature, usually featuring textbooks and classroom DVD’s, and is intended for scholastic use. The second line of products is geared toward lay audiences, and features leader guides, student workbooks, and teaching DVD’s. These products are intended for church study groups  and private home use.

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