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Dr. Paul J. Kirbas is the Paul Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture at the Graduate Theological Foundation, Guest Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, and teaches course in Philosophy and Ethics at North Central College. He is the Senior Pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City.

True Humility – an altering lifestyle

As I look at nature and our relationship to it , it always leads me to consider things differently. It intrigues me that nature is at times overlooked and at times grasped as a means to which we can survive or just live by. What the Kirbas Institute stands for and wants to change in how we consider nature, is that […]

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Politics, Environment care, and What we can do


Global care towards the environment: Is it a thing?

Many U.S. presidential candidates, for the past couple of weeks, have been arguing and discussing over the significance of the environment. While some lean heavily on the fact global warming is not much of an issue, others go to the extent of making that the centerpiece of their campaign, thus […]

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Our role in creation – to love

From religion comes a man’s purpose; from science, his power to achieve it. Sometimes people ask if religion and science are not opposed to one another. They are: in the sense that the thumb and fingers of my hands are opposed to one another. It is an opposition by means of which anything can be […]

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A Kirbas Institute Testimonial

One of the current projects of the Kirbas Institute is our Youth Forum. The mission of this project is to help college students find a peaceful relationship between their faith and their passion for a science career. We received this message from a recent college graduate, that demonstrates why this is so needed. Our thanks […]

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