An 8 Session Safari into God’s Kingdom!

Each session includes a 30 minute video, and is accompanied by a Discussion Guide. This series is perfectly suited for any church group, young or old. Below is a description of the sessions.

SESSION ONE: The Kingdom

In this session, we discover the roots of our thinking about the imaginary line between humans and animals. We too often lean toward the ideas of Greek philosophy, and its “Chain of Being” rather than the Jewish Scriptures that are the real basis of our Christian faith. There isn’t a “Human Kingdom” and an “Animal Kingdom”. Rather, we are all part of one Kingdom. It is God’s Kingdom!

SESSION TWO: Life in the Lab

In this session, we consider the complicated ethics of animal research. Using an example from a controversial human study involving African Americans, this session lifts up some ethical foundations that are now in place, and asks it they apply to animals. In this episode, we visit one of the country’s leading animal research facilities and discuss these issues with its Director.

SESSION THREE: Life in the Zoo

In this session, we ask important questions concerning the ethics of zoo’s. Given recent events such as the Sea World controversy, the release of Gorillas into the wild, and the shooting of a gorilla in its habitat due to an accidental fall of a child, this session considers whether zoos are good, bad, or a necessary evil. We bring our questions to the Director of the Oklahoma City Zoo.

SESSION FOUR: Life on the Farm

In this session, we take a hard look at the source of our food. The family farms of our past have been replaced by factory farming, that sees animals as product resources rather than living things. This episode addresses the political movement spreading across our country that is trying to protect these factory farms from needed regulations. Farm animals are in need of intervention. As people of faith, what is our responsibility, and what actions can we take?

SESSION FIVE: Life in the Wild

In this session, we consider the ethics of hunting, both for food and for sport. We also consider the extinction rate of species happening on our planet, and how many species are in danger. We return to the zoo, and see what actions are being taken to protect endangered species. With stories ripped from the headlines, once again this session is certain to raise some energetic discussions!

SESSION SIX: Life in the Balance

In this episode, we experience three stories of people who are making a difference in the lives of animals. We visit a sanctuary for retired lab monkeys, a woman who has transformed her yard into a sustainable farm, and a man who feels his life has been saved by a homeless dog. This episode shows that all of us can take some step in bringing God’s grace and justice into the lives of animals.