Global care towards the environment: Is it a thing?

Many U.S. presidential candidates, for the past couple of weeks, have been arguing and discussing over the significance of the environment. While some lean heavily on the fact global warming is not much of an issue, others go to the extent of making that the centerpiece of their campaign, thus reason for conflict and opposition. However, in the scene of chaos and of tragedy that we see as candidates harshly bash on each other and direct insults towards one another that bring no sense of solution to the issues dealt, one can find no true understanding of who is the best candidate to vote for. Instead, what’s been happening is the political scene is becoming a greater arena for a reality show style of debate instead of a center of discussion for the furthering of issues that are scientific and are a basis for reality. While the scene of politics continues to disappoint some, the issue of environment concern is one to have at all times, in spite of political upheaval.

Here are 5 things that can be done in order to bring-forth a more environment friendly standpoint:

  • Turn off the lights, and unplug your devices when you are out: As simple as it sounds, this will lead to your devices lasting longer and your electric bills getting smaller.
  • Share a ride: If you have friends that go to the same church as you, ask to ride with them, or take turns driving. Either way, it will be a reason for you save gas and act friendly outside of church.
  • Open your windows: during this spring time weather, take some time to let the natural outside air run through your home as you save on A/C and light consumption as the sunlight gives the lighting you need.
  • Go for a walk: This is a great way to get to meet your neighbors and to get more of the necessary sunlight our bodies need. (find a park, or a trail)
  • Look at the Stars: As weird of tip as it may seem, if we’d spent more time observing nature and observing the beauty of the stars or other aspects of nature, we’d be less driven to act impulsively and more prone to care for ourselves and our environment.