As we begin the year 2015, it is a year of big changes for the Kirbas Institute. The Institute is moving from the Chicago area to Oklahoma City. Dr. Paul Kirbas, founder of the Institute, will serve as the new Pastor/Head of Staff at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City. The church has a rich history of building bridges between science and religion, and the congregation has been a part of creating very unique and original organizations that promote scientific and medical research. These efforts have included the creation of a private school with a strong foundation of science education. It is called Westminster School, and sits next door to the Westminster Church. The church community was strongly involved in the creation of the Presbyterian Health Foundation, which offers grants to support scientific advances. And, it has created the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park, a 27 acre biotechnology research facility that hosts dozens of leading biotechnology companies that are doing cutting edge research. The park also houses a state-of-the-artconference center.

The Kirbas Institute will continue its work on holding conferences and creating educational materials to assist people of faith in building bridges between science and religious faith. We look forward to new networks of partnership that are waiting in Oklahoma City. These new partnerships will enable the Kirbas Institute to blossom in its work and mission in ways that far surpass our original dreams and goals.

The Kirbas Institute is a nonprofit organization that promotes dialogue and bridge building between faith and science. The work of the Institute is made possible by grants and contributions. At this critical time of transition, filled with such potential, financial support is critical.  Your contribution, no matter the size, is greatly needed and appreciated. Your gift is tax deductible. If you would like to contribute to the Kirbas Institute, please click here.

These are exciting days for the Kirbas Institute! Follow our journey, and be a part of the movement!