One of the current projects of the Kirbas Institute is our Youth Forum. The mission of this project is to help college students find a peaceful relationship between their faith and their passion for a science career. We received this message from a recent college graduate, that demonstrates why this is so needed. Our thanks to Melanie Golden for sharing her experience!


Hi Pastor Paul!

My name is Melanie Golden and you probably never remember meeting me at 1st pres in Wheaton but as you are leaving and I am currently graduating college I just wanted to let you know the impact you had one life. Growing up in Wheaton it was very hard to want to become a sciencetist no matter how supportive my parents were because of the conservative town that Wheaton is. I am so unbelievably happy that you were our pastor during my confirmation and explained that science and faith can exist mutually exclusive as long as you believe that God is the reason behind everything. I wish you and your the family the best as you leave Wheaton but I couldn’t imagine not letting you know that your talk with us as high school freshmen is what let me pursue chemical engineering at college without ever thinking I had to comprise my faith and for that I wil always be grateful and incredibly appreviative. Thank you Pastor Paul